Buku Broux

Buku Broux – Godzilla

Buku Broux is a band based in New Orleans, whose uncommon instrumentation, joining violin, saxophone, drums and kora, is plunged in a whirlwind of pedal effects and distortions.

The band, composed of Jonah Tobias, Phil Sylve, Fernando Lima and Adrian Jusdanis, made a name for itself on New Orleans’ iconic Jackson Square, where they made a habit of playing for a welcoming passer-by crowd.

Recently, the Broux crew took their music to the next level, recording a duo of albums featuring a live performance at Jackson Square, capturing the raw, ephemeral essence of the band’s musical identity, and a studio album at the beautiful Esplanade Studios.

Alternating between kora player Jonah Tobias’ compositions and violinist Adrian Jusdanis’ jam leads, the band offers a unique sound and dynamic that is captured in this latest video, shot during the recording of the studio album: “Daybreak.”

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