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Video: [Paris] El Wah !

It has been almost a year since  El Wah ! has taken form, garnering more attention from the Parisian scene with each new release.

The dynamic duo, composed of Samuel Charles and Thomas Larabi, digs into deep soul and pop influences to fuel a warm and honest  sound of their own.

Watch the two partners record their latest material at the Studio Guillaume Tell in Suresne, France.

Video by Noé Cugny & Mickael Lepers

Video: Gil Evans Paris Workshop – Spoonful

xkogg-1The Gil Evans Paris Workshop is a project led by Laurent Cugny, gathering a  group of young Paris-based musicians around the music of Cugny and Gil Evans.

Spoonful, the formation’s first studio recording  on Jazz&People, will be released in the spring of 2017 and contains material arranged by Cugny who finds inspiration in his years of collaboration with Evans in the late 1980s.

Piano, direction, arrangements – Laurent Cugny
Reeds – Antonin-Tri Hoang, Martin Guerpin, Adrien Sanchez, Jean-Philippe Scali
Trumpets – Quentin Ghomari, Olivier Laisney, Malo Mazurié, Brice Moscardini
Trombones – Bastien Ballaz, Léo Pellet
French Horn – Victor Michaud
Tuba, flute – Fabien Debellefontaine
Guitar – Marc-Antoine Perrio
Bass – Joachim Govin
Drums – Gautier Garrigue

Video: Noah Young Band

“The seamless blend of inspired jazz and instrumental funk on “Memory Lane” will be familiar to fans of Naughty Professor, yet distinct enough to warrant its own categorization. The tune keeps things cool as cucumber until the final minute, when the mood switches gears for a swirling crescendo.”

— Sam D’arcangelo, OffBeat Magazine


Video: The Kala Bazaar Swing Society

The Kala Bazaar Swing Society appeared in New Orleans over the spring of 2016, emerging out of street busking and jam sessions.

Led by guitarist and vocalist Kaladeva Chandra, the new quartet is currently finding its voice around the city, drawing from the swing repertory of the 1920’s and 1930’s.

On this session, recorded in a backyard on a warm Monday night, Kala, Marty Peters, Keenan Clayton-Hall and Barry Bremer laid down their chops on four compositions: “China Boy,” “I’ve Found a New Baby,” “Pennies From Heaven” and “Joseph Joseph.”


Trumpets Trump Drumpf

(Photo by Caitlyn Ridenour)

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Musicians and protesters gathered in front of the Lakefront Airport on Friday, March 4, to speak out against the Donald Trump Rally.

Protesters met in the area before starting a second line that led the group down Stars and Stripes Boulevard to the airport. Different activist groups joined the “Trumpets Trump Drumpf” movement, including union workers, Black Lives Matter activists and more.

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Buku Broux – Blue Mirage

Buku Broux is back at it. Watch the eclectic band based out of New Orleans in their natural element, performing for a crowd on Jackson Square, in the heart of the city.

This time, the band is led by violinist Adrian Jusdanis, who leads them into his world of loops and distorted sounds for a psychedelic and enchanting journey as the nights settles on the square.

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Buku Broux – Godzilla

Buku Broux is a band based in New Orleans, whose uncommon instrumentation, joining violin, saxophone, drums and kora, is plunged in a whirlwind of pedal effects and distortions.

The band, composed of Jonah Tobias, Phil Sylve, Fernando Lima and Adrian Jusdanis, made a name for itself on New Orleans’ iconic Jackson Square, where they made a habit of playing for a welcoming passer-by crowd.

Recently, the Broux crew took their music to the next level, recording a duo of albums featuring a live performance at Jackson Square, capturing the raw, ephemeral essence of the band’s musical identity, and a studio album at the beautiful Esplanade Studios.

Alternating between kora player Jonah Tobias’ compositions and violinist Adrian Jusdanis’ jam leads, the band offers a unique sound and dynamic that is captured in this latest video, shot during the recording of the studio album: “Daybreak.”