Photos: The Cure launches 2016 tour in New Orleans

View Article on   English emblematic rock band The Cure paid a visit to the UNO Lakefront Arena to kick off their 2016 tour of North America, on Wednesday evening, May 11. While engulfed in a sea of lights and smoke, Robert Smith, Simon Gallup, Roger O’Donnell, Reeves Gabrels, and Jason Cooper drew from the band’s discography … More Photos: The Cure launches 2016 tour in New Orleans

Photos: Rory Danger’s 2015 Dangeria Imperial Debate

Rory Danger & The Danger Dangers hosted the 2015 Dangeria Imperial Debate at One Eyed Jacks on Friday, November 20th. Following the spirit of our premature electoral season, the band’s high-energy performance was flavored with America’s new favorite form of entertainment, heated political debating. The debate, which as the band prefaced on Facebook, opposed their … More Photos: Rory Danger’s 2015 Dangeria Imperial Debate

Raoul & Annina

Here’s a project you should take a look at. Simon Averous is a young Parisian director who is launching his first feature film, Raoul & Annina. Averous studied history and art history, and specialized in film, he then worked with mise en scène in the Parisian theater scene, and also assisted film makers on several shorts. … More Raoul & Annina

El Camino De Judebox

Mario and Clémence are two French journalists who traveled over 9,000 miles around the United States for the past three months. Stopping in major cities, historical landmarks and legendary locations across the country, trying to get a good idea of what this country looks like in our times. If the movie industry works at preserving … More El Camino De Judebox

Jazz liberatorz…

Jazz liberatorz – Clin d’Oeil Yo, whats up this is Streethearts (sAnnotatep?) Also known to y’all as Slim Kid Tre The topic for today is uh The influence of jazz Now, jazz has come a long way Back in the days There was bebop And now its hip hop Jazz was revolutionary And hip hop … More Jazz liberatorz…