About Roger Ebert and Hip Hop (…again)


In light of one of the major news stories around the internet these last few days, the death of film critic and public intelectual Roger Ebert, here is a short video found on Reddit of Ebert talking before Congress about Hollywood, the music industry and their supposedly violent influence.

The journalist discusses the misconception of the use of violence in movies, music and the media, a very commonly adressed debate in the last decade. In his argumentation, Ebert reaches the topic of rap music and hip hop. He explains that the general misconception of hip hop by large audiences is comparable to how movies are attacked for the wrong reasons. This is a good example of a notorious intelectual defending the message that is conveyed through Hip hop in an articulate way, an important stand for the movement and a discourse that is generally not heard enough by the public.

I highly encourage to watch the whole video which is very instructive and inspiring. However, if you are only interested in the issue of the hip hop music, Ebert starts defending it at 5:50.

P.S. : I have a feeling my blog might be mistaken for a fully Hip hop based writing website, while it is not meant to be, considering the content of the first three articles published on here. I am deeply interested in the subject, but other topics will be discussed on here in the future.

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