El Camino De Judebox

Capture d’écran 2013-12-18 à 12.42.32

Mario and Clémence are two French journalists who traveled over 9,000 miles around the United States for the past three months. Stopping in major cities, historical landmarks and legendary locations across the country, trying to get a good idea of what this country looks like in our times. If the movie industry works at preserving the America of the past, there is nothing like an outsider’s view on the current state of things, to get a good look one’s own country.

Now settled in Bogotà, Colombia, our two French friends are working at bringing the stories and individuals they encountered to life, through a series of short documentaries, in French and English, that are worth a look. These are posted on their Facebook page and their web page.

They offer an interesting look at the United States’ most famous locations and their people, their stories, in 2013. The first short piece of the documentaries series is now available, and deals with the city of Detroit, and the rising of urban agriculture. Make sure to take a look, you never know what you might learn today.

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