Golden Eagles, Chapter II: Saint Joseph’s Night 2019



The Golden Eagles Mardi Gras Indians rolled out on Tuesday, April 19, 2019, for St. Joseph’s Night.

Sherina “Queen She” Yarbrough and Arthur Oliver, flag queen and flag boy for the Golden Eagles Mardi Gras Indian Tribe with Big Chief Monk Boudreaux, take us in for the traditional Indian St. Joseph Night. Throughout the streets of Uptown, they travel to go meet with other tribes as per tradition. Shot and edited by Noé Cugny for OffBeat.

For Yarbrough, it was a significant time as she masked for the first time after being welcomed by the tribe “with open arms.” A different story for her flag bot, Oliver, who has been masking since the age of 4. At 32 today, Oliver says he becomes “a totally different person,” once he puts the suit on.

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