[Video] Tuba Skinny Cries the Blues

OffBeat Streets comes back with one of the more popular bands on the New Orleans trad jazz scene, Tuba Skinny. Playing on a warm evening by the Pere Antoine Alley, they pulled out the old ‘Cryin’ Blues’, adding new arrangements on the blues they recorded on their 2014 release, Pyramid Strut.

Here, Tuba Skinny is in full effect, with the company of vocalist Erika Lewis, alto saxophonist Ewan Bleach as well as a couple of dog scratches. The core of the band features Shaye Cohn (cornet), Craig Flory (clarinet), Barnabus Jones (trombone), Greg Sherman (guitar), Max Bien Kahn (guitar), Jason Lawrence (banjo), Todd Burdick (sousaphone), Robin Rapuzzi (washboard).


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