[Photo] Mike Dillon Punk Rock Percussion Consortium at the Music Box Village

On May 4, 2017, the Music Box Village in New Orleans’ Bywater welcomed Mike Dillon’s Punk Rock Percussion Consortium, a colossal project matching the never-ending ambitions of the bandleader as well as the quirky environment offered by the location.

With a history playing in bands such as Galactic, Garage à Trois or Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe, Mike Dillon remains a central musical character in New Orleans with the Mike Dillon Band and many other projects. His percussion powerhouse project gathers many percussionists of all ages, as well as many new guests for each performance.

For the Music Box Show, the Consortium welcomed among its members Stanton Moore, Jason Marsalis, Simon Berz, Brian Haas, Mark Southerland, Cliff Hines, Clint Maedgen and many others.

The Music Box Village is a artist space filled with artist-made, interactive “musical houses.” It is inspired by the unique musical and architectural culture of New Orleans.

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Noé Cugny

Paris New Orleans


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