Allen Toussaint

Photos: The Funky Meters invite Irma Thomas & Allen Toussaint

The 2015 Crescent City Blues & BBQ Festival took place this weekend at Lafayette Square in the Central Business District. On Saturday, October 17th, the festival opened its St. Charles Avenue Stage to a show they called “Ride Your Pony Down to New Orleans – Home of the Blues,” featuring some of New Orleans’ greatest stars.

The Funky Meters first invaded the stage with their timeless groove. Founding members George Porter, Jr. and Art Neville were joined by current Meter-men Brian Stoltz and Terrence Houston. Soon, the quatuor was joined by Irma Thomas, who sang four numbers.

All the while, performance artist Frenchy was assigned a corner of the stage to immortalize this meeting of New Orleans greats, in a painted piece.

After Thomas left the stage to be replaced by a grand piano facing Art Neville’s B3 organ, Allen Toussaint made his grand entrance in a flowery suit, then proceeding to play some of the great hits from New Orleans’ long history of rhythm and blues that he has shaped, mastered and spread over his long career.

George Porter, Jr. and Irma Thomas
George Porter, Jr. and Irma Thomas at the 2015 Crescent City Blues & BBQ Festival


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