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Video: [Paris] El Wah !

It has been almost a year since  El Wah ! has taken form, garnering more attention from the Parisian scene with each new release.

The dynamic duo, composed of Samuel Charles and Thomas Larabi, digs into deep soul and pop influences to fuel a warm and honest  sound of their own.

Watch the two partners record their latest material at the Studio Guillaume Tell in Suresne, France.

Video by Noé Cugny & Mickael Lepers

Video: Gil Evans Paris Workshop – Spoonful

xkogg-1The Gil Evans Paris Workshop is a project led by Laurent Cugny, gathering a  group of young Paris-based musicians around the music of Cugny and Gil Evans.

Spoonful, the formation’s first studio recording  on Jazz&People, will be released in the spring of 2017 and contains material arranged by Cugny who finds inspiration in his years of collaboration with Evans in the late 1980s.

Piano, direction, arrangements – Laurent Cugny
Reeds – Antonin-Tri Hoang, Martin Guerpin, Adrien Sanchez, Jean-Philippe Scali
Trumpets – Quentin Ghomari, Olivier Laisney, Malo Mazurié, Brice Moscardini
Trombones – Bastien Ballaz, Léo Pellet
French Horn – Victor Michaud
Tuba, flute – Fabien Debellefontaine
Guitar – Marc-Antoine Perrio
Bass – Joachim Govin
Drums – Gautier Garrigue

Paris: Jam De La Casserole

The second edition of the 2016 Jam de la Casserole, a biweekly event in La Villette in Paris, took place on Wednesday, October 5.

For the fourth year of this installation, Parisian musicians of all backgrounds gathered in the relaxed atmosphere of La Petite Halle in the  for another funk-infused jam session. The diverse crowd enjoyed a well-crafted collaboration in music, dancing to the sounds of eclectic formations made up of regulars as well as new faces.

The Casserole stage also welcomed the coming of Malian keyboardist and afro-beat veteran Cheick Tidiane Seck, who took charge for an explosive ending to an all-around successful night in music.

Raoul & Annina


Here’s a project you should take a look at.

Simon Averous is a young Parisian director who is launching his first feature film, Raoul & Annina. Averous studied history and art history, and specialized in film, he then worked with mise en scène in the Parisian theater scene, and also assisted film makers on several shorts. Also musician, Averous studied music at the academy, learning jazz and classical piano.

Averous is surrounded by a team of young Parisians whose experience, cohesion and energy can only be fruitful. See it for yourself in the team’s first work, on Raoul & Annina‘s prologue, Raoul, which showcases the certain quality of the young actors and technicians’ work.


Actors Nathan Bernat & Anne Duverneuil

As the project evolves and comes to shape, Averous and his Parisian film crew is trying to gather the funds to make this beautiful project a reality. There are but a couple of weeks before the project’s KissKissBankBank public funding period ends.

If it does, a couple of cars, filled with young filmmakers, equipment and dreams of creation will be hitting the road to reach the south of France and its charming sights, to give life to Raoul & Annina, the story of a mischievous couple running away from the law in a visually compelling quest to find themselves.

Your contribution to this fund could mean launching a wonderful project that would mark a important waypoint and the start of a new journey for a handful of talented and driven young film makers, on top of letting the story of Raoul & Annina’s stampede take flight and hit the silver screens.

Give it a look, give it a thought!