Jackson Lynch at the Tigermen Den, 2019

The Deslondes Present: Mashed Potato Records

The Deslondes hosted a music revue featuring a number of artists under the Mashed Potato umbrella, at the Tigermen Den on Friday, March 2, 2019.

Spear-headed by The Deslondes‘ Sam Doores and songwriter Duff Thompson, Mashed Potato Records is an initiative that has elevated New Orleans street musicians to recording artists for the past two years. It gathers a crowd of talented young artists with a shared interest in reviving old time American music.

Backed by Deslondes members acting as house band, a joyful carousel of local artists took place, involving the likes of Esther Rose, Carver Baronda, Chris Acker, Nick Shoulders, Sabine McCalla, Jackson Lynch, Pony Hunt, Max Bien-Kahn, Casey Jane, Duff Thompson, all introduced by graceful MC Matt Bell.

All photos by Noé Cugny.


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